Simulating Reactor Functioning during Incident and Accident – SOFIA


This course is implemented by Enstti. The course is focused on lectures and practical work sessions on the SOFIA simulator. To perform analysis of Thermal-hydraulics during an accident of reactor or safety evaluation, IRSN, the French Technical Safety Organization, uses the Code for Analysis of Thermal-hydraulics during an Accident of Reactor and Safety Evaluation (CATHARE) which is a system code for PWR safety analysis, accident management, definition of plant operating procedures and for research and development. The module will cover the following subjects: ▪ PWR Systems and Normal Reactor Operation: - Introduction of PWR Operation, - Main PWR Systems, - General Information and Sequence Leasing to the Hot Shutdown State, - Description of the CATHARE Thermal-hydraulic Code, - Basics of Core Physics, Divergence and Core Control, - Divergence and Power Increase Turbine Coupling. ▪ Design Basis Accidents for PWR: - Description of loss of coolant Accidents (LOCA), - Large break LOCA Transient (LB LOCA), - Small break LOCA Transient (SB LOCA), Fourth sequence: failure of first actions, - Description of Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR accidents), - SGTR Transient, - Sixth sequence: intervention strategy, - Seventh sequence: decision-making process for assault. ▪ Other PWR Accident: - TMI and Fukushima Accidents.

Course Description