VVER Design and Operational Safety (Module 1)


This regional training course provides the main elements of the VVER design and operational safety principles and requirements, along with their implementation with regard to the regulatory review.

The lecturers have a wide national and international experience both in VVER safety assessment and licensing, and in the safety assessment of Generation III reactors.

Training sessions will include:

- Plenary sessions dedicated to lectures and discussions on common topics

- Case-study sessions for practical training on how to review and assess safety-related documents and safety cases.

A number of practical exercises will take place during the week in which participants will work in groups to address issues related to the subject matters being presented.

At the end of the module, a roundtable discussion session addresses issues identified by participants. It is followed by an evaluation during which participants give their impressions of the module, with a review of the degree to which the needs expressed on the first day of training were met. 

Note: The two modules (Module 1 "VVER design and Operational safety" and Module 2 "Regulatory review of VVER Accident analysis results" are stand-alone and participants can attend both or either modules.

Course Description